It is unloving (and hateful) not to warn about false teachers

Watching wolves hunt down and devour their prey is instructive to the dangers of false teachers (which the Bible considers wolves), who hunt down and devour their prey with deceitful doctrine and smooth speech.  But most professing Christians today would rather let false teachers devour their prey than sound a warning and appear to be “unloving.”

The Bible warns that wolves (false teachers) (Acts 20:26-31) will arise among the flock.  And yet, under the pretext of “love,” American evangelicalism condemns pointing out these wolves.

But let’s see if this reasoning holds up.  If a dangerous wolf (the animal kind), waiting to devour people, was in the neighborhood, would it be unloving to warn others about it?

Of course not.  It would in fact be unloving, and even hateful, not to warn others.


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Wolves Among You

John Piper notes how False Teachers come across as “nice guys.”

The American church is in crisis.

Employing smooth speech, flattery, and deceitful scheming, wolves in sheep’s clothing—enabled by hired hands posing as pastors and multitudes with itching ears—have infiltrated the flock en masse and seized control of much of the church’s doctrines, leadership, and pulpits.