Beware of Steve Schlissel

Steve Schlissel is one of the most overtly heretical proponents of the Federal Vision heresy which is rapidly infecting Reformed circles. He proudly advocates salvation by law instead of salvation through faith in Christ.

This can be seen in this audio debate between Schlissel and John Otis.    (Pay attention to Schlissel’s comments from the 27:00 mark onward.)

Schlissel blatantly denies the law/Gospel distinction.  He wrote,


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Beware of Douglas Wilson: Part 1 (updated)

Douglas Wilson is part of the extremely heretical Federal Vision movement.  This movement has already spread like gangrene in Presbyterian circles, and no thanks to John Piper’s endorsement of him, threatens to do the same in Baptist circles.

(We respect Piper, but his endorsement of Wilson is a dangerous mistake.)

Many Christians are honestly confused about Wilson.  Those who don’t know any better are likely to assume Wilson is a godly man since:

  1. Many influential and respected Christians promote him and his works.  How can he be dangerous if such respected Christians promote him?
  2. Wilson defended Christianity by debating the rabid atheist Christopher Hitchens.  How can he be dangerous if he defended the faith against one of America’s greatest enemies of Christianity?
  3. Wilson is so winsome.  How can someone so friendly and soft-spoken in his speech be so dangerous? (Of course, Wilson has a very snide and sarcastic side as well.)