Beware of Douglas Wilson: Part 5

Despite statements by Wilson that are heretical, because of Wilson’s deceptive tongue and often orthodox-sounding words there are some who think Wilson is not a dangerous wolf.

However, even if Wilson didn’t make a single heretical statement (of course, he has made plenty), he would still be a wolf since he actively promotes his fellow Federal Vision members along with their soul-damning heresies.  Those whom Wilson promotes in the  Federal Vision can at times be much more overt than Wilson in their heretical teachings.


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Mark Dever on the Gospel

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What is Salvation? (In 2 Minutes)

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The Danger of Believing Water Baptism Saves

John Piper Cautions: Do Not Look to Water Baptism for Salvation

Many teach that water baptism plays a role in regeneration and the forgiveness of sins.  Among those who teach this are Roman Catholics, Oneness Pentecostals, the Federal Vision Movement, Lutherans, some Anglicans, and the Stone-Campbell movement (which includes groups under the titles, “The Church of Christ,” “The Christian Church,” and “The Disciples of Christ”).  But water baptism plays absolutely no role in salvation, and to believe that water baptism saves is no minor error, but a spiritually fatal one.

Update:  Several sections have undergone revision, and new sections have been added