Beware of Douglas Wilson: Part 5

Despite statements by Wilson that are heretical, because of Wilson’s deceptive tongue and often orthodox-sounding words there are some who think Wilson is not a dangerous wolf.

However, even if Wilson didn’t make a single heretical statement (of course, he has made plenty), he would still be a wolf since he actively promotes his fellow Federal Vision members along with their soul-damning heresies.  Those whom Wilson promotes in the  Federal Vision can at times be much more overt than Wilson in their heretical teachings.


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Beware of Douglas Wilson: Part 4

Listening to this critique of Roman Catholicism is like listening to a critique of Wilson’s  Federal Vision theology.  Like Romanism, the Federal Vision teaches initial salvation by water baptism and final salvation by a lifetime of works.

One way Douglas Wilson attempts to escape the charge that he teaches salvation by works is to redefine the meaning of  “works.”

In a blog posting, Wilson, after quoting one of his critics, writes:

“But here are some terms that one ought not be allowed to interchange as though they were synonyms obedience and works. Not one of us believes that the WCF was wrong to say that Adam had to obey. He disobeyed, and here we are in a sinful world.


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Theonomy does not promote Salvation by Works: Part 1

Whenever people attack theonomy by saying it promotes salvation by works, ask them to define their terms.

Theonomy, as I understand it, has 3 basic meanings:

1) It means literally “God’s law.” “The word theonomy is simply a combination of the Greek words for God and law, theos and nomos.” (William Einwechter, “Family Squabble,” Part I [footnote 6])

In this sense, all true Christians are theonomists, since all true Christians uphold God’s law (while sometimes disagreeing on the validity of certain laws for today) .  All who are born again will naturally love God’s law and bear good fruit in obeying God’s law (albeit imperfectly).


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Beware of Douglas Wilson: Part 3

Roman Catholicism and Douglas Wilson’s Federal Vision theology are essentially the same in their perversions of the Gospel.

In part two, we covered Douglas Wilson’s interview with Christian Renewal where he equates saving faith with works.  This was not a unique incident.

In vol. 15, issue 5, of his magazine Credenda/Agenda, he states:

Now this fides salvifica does not cause obedience in the way that a billiard ball striking another one causes it to move. It is not mechanical. Rather, it brings about obedience organically, the way life in a body causes that body to breathe. As a body without the spirit is dead so faith without works is dead (Jas. 2:26). This is why saving faith necessarily lives and actsOne of the principal acts performed by such saving faith is the act of trusting in Christ alone for both justification and sanctification.

Douglas Wilson, “A Pauline Take on the New Perspective,” Credenda/Agenda vol. 15, issue 5 (2003): 8.

(For a refutation of Wilson’s interpretation of James 2:26, see “Does James 2 contradict Romans 4?,” by John MacArthur.)


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Beware of Douglas Wilson: Part 2

This video refutes the claim of Wilson and other Federal Vision proponents who hold that faith must be equated with works, or else it is the faith of devils.

In part one, we covered Douglas Wilson’s equating of law and Gospel.  In not distinguishing between the two, he equates saving faith with works, justification with sanctification.  This is a denial of the Gospel.

An example of where Wilson equates saving faith with works is in an interview with Christian Renewal magazine.

During the interview, Wilson says, “What drives apostasy is unbelief, and the engine that drives salvation is faith and only faith.”

The interviewer then asks, “But not ‘faith only’?” Wilson replies:


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