Answering Defenses of The Shack: Part 1

13 Heresies of The Shack by Michael Youssef (from Way of the Master Radio)

Many think, or know someone who thinks, highly of The Shack.  Despite this book being thoroughly anti-Christian, several defenses are offered to justify reading this book.

(Other posts about The Shack: Charts: The Shack versus the Bible Part 1, Part 2; The Shack author William P. Young denies the Gospel )

Here we address and refute what we believe are such common defenses; may the Spirit of Christ open the eyes of those in bondage to this extremely dangerous novel.


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“The Shack” author William P. Young denies the Gospel

Todd Friel exposes The Shack‘s author’s lies and distortions, and denial of the Gospel.

NOTE: Unfortunately, Friel in this video does not make clear that Jesus died to save His church, not every single person in the world.  If Jesus died for every single man in the world, then every single man in the world would be saved, because every single man’s sins would have be forgiven.


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Charts: The Shack versus the Bible: Part 1

An excellent, brief overview of some of The Shack‘s heresies, by Dale Brown.  (Note: While we believe Brown means well, in light of Danger #6 below, we do not endorse this video’s drawing of Jesus.)

The Shack has taken the American Church by storm.

(Other posts in this series: Part 2) (see also Answering Defenses of The Shack, and The Shack Author Denies the Gospel)

This enormously popular—and dangerous—book by William P. Young has swept through all denominations, leaving in its wake a multitude of disciples.  It has seduced professing Christians—even those whom you would least suspect—into embracing some of the most heretical doctrines ever.  Again and again, readers report that The Shack has profoundly changed their view of God.

And in time, The Shack may not only seduce readers, but moviegoers as well.  There has been talks of making The Shack a feature film.

In light of this tragedy, we have begun a series of posts with charts that contrast The Shack‘s dangerous teachings with the Bible.