Pagan Roots of Baptismal Regeneration

canada_38_bg_061904The worship of elements of God’s creation—humans, animals, trees, water, etc.—is the religion of all who reject God.

One of the most popular ways such idolatry has subtly infiltrated the church is through the doctrine of baptismal regeneration, which  says that water baptism saves.


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Did Christ or Water Die for Sinners?

Not all the water in the world can cleanse us from our sins.  Only the blood of Christ can do this.

Not all the water in the world can cleanse us from our sins. Only the blood of Christ can do this.

Read the following conversation between the
16th-century martyr Robert Smith and the
Catholic Bishop Bonner, where Smith provides a
biblical and witty refutation of the false gospel of
baptismal regeneration.


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Historical Condemnations of Baptismal Regeneration

The church has had to contend with the doctrine of baptismal regeneration throughout most of its post-Apostolic history.  But God, in His providence, has raised up men throughout the ages to combat and condemn this dangerous doctrine, which is nowhere taught in the Bible.  We include some of those condemnations below.

If only pastors today would likewise boldly condemn baptismal regeneration, perhaps the church would be in better shape.


Nowhere Does the Bible Teach that Water Baptism Saves

Questions for those who believe water baptism saves

Many passages are often used by those who say water baptism saves, that is, water baptism either regenerates, justifies, or both.  Here we address those passages, and demonstrate that not a single passage in the Bible teaches salvation by water baptism.

Latest update: Another insight on Mark 16:16 in point #6 of
III: Mark 16:16


The Danger of Believing Water Baptism Saves

John Piper Cautions: Do Not Look to Water Baptism for Salvation

Many teach that water baptism plays a role in regeneration and the forgiveness of sins.  Among those who teach this are Roman Catholics, Oneness Pentecostals, the Federal Vision Movement, Lutherans, some Anglicans, and the Stone-Campbell movement (which includes groups under the titles, “The Church of Christ,” “The Christian Church,” and “The Disciples of Christ”).  But water baptism plays absolutely no role in salvation, and to believe that water baptism saves is no minor error, but a spiritually fatal one.

Update:  Several sections have undergone revision, and new sections have been added