Flock Alert exists to warn God’s people about dangerous doctrines.

Unfortunately, most professing pastors today have either at best abandoned this duty, or at worst have become teachers of dangerous doctrines themselves.

Consequently, much of the church has become compromised, crippled, and apostate.  Heresies abound, including

  • the teachings that man is saved by works (works-based salvation)
  • hatred for God’s law (antinomianism, or “carnal Christianity”)
  • friendship with the world “gospels” (e.g., the “seeker sensitive movement”)
  • rejections of God’s attributes (e.g., denial of God’s sovereignty)
  • elevation of human nature (e.g., denial of man’s moral depravity)

Thus in light of this, Flock Alert strive to “contend for the faith that was once for all delivered to the saints” (Jude 1:3b).

About the Author:

My name is Steve C. Halbrook, and I am Reformed in my theology.  I regularly study theology, and have an M.A. in Government from Regent University.

While pursuing my M.A., I took the Interdisciplinary Studies track, where I focused on studies (mostly independent) related to Biblical Law and Biblical Worldview.  My master’s thesis was, “God is Just: A Defense of the Old Testament Civil Laws.”

My other blogs:

1. Theonomy Resources

2. Sovereign Foundations

I can be reached for comments at:


Given time and other factors, replies are never guaranteed; however, I strive to consider each and every e-mail.

Soli Deo Gloria.

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