Beware of Douglas Wilson: Part 5

Despite statements by Wilson that are heretical, because of Wilson’s deceptive tongue and often orthodox-sounding words there are some who think Wilson is not a dangerous wolf.

However, even if Wilson didn’t make a single heretical statement (of course, he has made plenty), he would still be a wolf since he actively promotes his fellow Federal Vision members along with their soul-damning heresies.  Those whom Wilson promotes in the  Federal Vision can at times be much more overt than Wilson in their heretical teachings.

Brian Schwertley notes,

“While Wilson in his subtle equivocations and statements that are orthodox may appear to be better than some of his theological partners in heresy (e.g., Rich Lusk), he in reality must be rejected as a heretic because:

“(1) Despite his moderate tone, he comes to virtually all the same conclusions as Lusk and Wilkins. (2) He is in full support of the movement which is at its core heretical and deadly. Canon Press publishes the most radical of opinions and New St. Andrew’s College employs Peter Leithart whose writings on the church, worship and the sacraments are radically unorthodox. If a man supports a heretical movement with his money, writing, publishing, lectures, etc then that man is a dangerous heretic.”

From footnote 20 in Brian Schwertley, The Gospel Crisis in the OPC and PCA (Brian Schwertley, 2006)

An example of how Wilson actively supports and endorses the Federal Vision movement is his signing of the joint FV statement.

If Wilson is theologically orthodox, then why does he not condemn his fellow FV members as dangerous wolves?  We does he form alliances with them?

Wilson ’s Cannon Press actively promotes both Federal Vision proponents and the Federal Vision heresy in general.  For instance,

1) The book “The Baptized Body” by radical Federal Vision proponent Peter Leithart which teaches baptismal regeneration, a soul-damning heresy.

2) The book “The Liturgy Trap” by radical Federal Vision proponent James Jordan about worship.  Jordan is known for his antinomian views of worship.

3) The book “Paedofaith” by radical Federal Vision proponent Rich Lusk.

4) The audio set “Great Deliverance: The Life of Justification,” where Wilson joins forces with radical Federal Vision proponents Peter Leithart and Rich Lusk to promote the heretical Federal Vision view of justification.

5) The CD “The Federal Vision: Light or Dark” where Doug Wilson joins forces with radical Federal Vision proponent Rich Lusk to defend the Federal Vision heresy.

6) The CD set “Douglas Wilson on the Federal Vision Controversy.”

7) A special edition of Credenda/Agenda where Doug Wilson and radical Federal Vision proponent Peter Leithart defend the Federal Vision heresy.

8) The CD set “Discussion of the Federal Vision” where Doug Wilson promotes the Federal Vision heresy.

9) The book “The Case for Covenantal Communion” where Doug Wilson teams up with Federal Vision proponents to advocate paedocommunion.

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Recommended resources exposing Wilson’s dangerous views:

1. Blog: God’s Hammer (several posts on Wilson can be found via a keyword search)

2. John M. Otis, Danger in the Camp: An Analysis and Refutation of the Heresies of the Federal Vision (Corpus Christi, TX: Triumphant Publications, 2005)

3. Guy Prentiss Waters,  The Federal Vision and Covenant Theology: A Comparative Analysis (Phillipsburg, NJ: P&R Publishing Company, 2006)

4. John W. Robbins and Sean Gerety, Not Reformed At All: Medievalism in “Reformed” Churches (Unicoi, TN: The Trinity Foundation, 2004)
A response and refutation of Wilson’s Reformed is not Enough: Recovering the Objectivity of the Covenant.

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