“The Shack” author William P. Young denies the Gospel

Todd Friel exposes The Shack‘s author’s lies and distortions, and denial of the Gospel.

NOTE: Unfortunately, Friel in this video does not make clear that Jesus died to save His church, not every single person in the world.  If Jesus died for every single man in the world, then every single man in the world would be saved, because every single man’s sins would have be forgiven.

Moreover, those who do come to saving faith are not ultimately saved because of their faith, but because Christ died and fulfilled all righteousness for them,  which in turn leads to them coming to saving faith.  (But saving faith is the point where God considers a person’s sins to be forgiven [Romans 4:1-12].)

In other words, faith is not the grounds of one’s salvation, but an instrument of salvation.

In his footnote to John Piper’s article “For Whom Did Christ Die?” (highly recommended), John Hendryx writes:

“Christ died for the elect in a way that he did not for the non-elect. It could be argued that there are at least two intentions in Christ’s work of the atonement.

“The first one is for the elect, in whom God has decreed that the atonement is certain and eventual, therefore it is necessary that it will be applied on His people at a time of the Spirit’s choosing.

“The second is for the non-elect, who receive non-redemptive benefits. These may include not immediately receiving (a putting off of) God’s just wrath but the redemptive benefits of the atonement will only be hearlded in the divine command but never actualized in the non-elect..

“This is why the Bible proclaims that we freely hold out the gospel to all unbelievers and tell them that Christ died, not for all men, but for all who would believe (John 3:16).

“The redemptive benefits are only for believers. All who believe will have the benefits of the atonement applied to them and be justified, but since no one naturally fits this description, the only persons who come to Christ are those who are God’s elect, regenerated by the Holy Spirit unto faith.

“This means that we are wholly dependent on the work of Christ for our redemption, which includes our ability to have faith in the Redeemer.

“Since we do not have the power in ourselves to do anything apart from the work of God’s Son on the cross He also gives, as one of its benefits, the Holy Spirit for our conversion (1 Pet 1:3).

“God ‘has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places in Christ’ (Eph. 1:3). Our redemption in Christ is the wellspring out of which flows regeneration, faith, repentance, justification and sanctification.

“So although the atonement may have more than one intent, its central purpose is for the redemption of elect (Titus 2:14). In other words, Christ died in a way for the elect that he did not for the non-elect.”

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