Cannibals in the Pulpit

We shouldn’t be surprised that dangerous false teachers can be very friendly. So can cannibals.

The only difference is that while cannibals devour flesh, false teachers devour souls.

Gary Hogg’s “Cannibalism and Human Sacrifice” gives an example of a particularly winsome group of cannibals: “He [Herbert Ward, who traveled the Congo] found, in addition to the cruelty and degradation, abundant good-humour—a quality that subsequent travellers and settlers have frequently mentioned.”[1] Ward writes,


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Answering Defenses of The Shack: Part 1

13 Heresies of The Shack by Michael Youssef (from Way of the Master Radio)

Many think, or know someone who thinks, highly of The Shack.  Despite this book being thoroughly anti-Christian, several defenses are offered to justify reading this book.

(Other posts about The Shack: Charts: The Shack versus the Bible Part 1, Part 2; The Shack author William P. Young denies the Gospel )

Here we address and refute what we believe are such common defenses; may the Spirit of Christ open the eyes of those in bondage to this extremely dangerous novel.


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Jesus Christ is Everything

(special thanks to illbehonest)

“take every thought captive to obey Christ …” (2 Cor. 10:5b)

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“The Shack” author William P. Young denies the Gospel

Todd Friel exposes The Shack‘s author’s lies and distortions, and denial of the Gospel.

NOTE: Unfortunately, Friel in this video does not make clear that Jesus died to save His church, not every single person in the world.  If Jesus died for every single man in the world, then every single man in the world would be saved, because every single man’s sins would have be forgiven.


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Post Update (August 3, 2009)

Quotations from Protestant Reformer Ulrich Zwingli and 16th-century martyr Robert Smith in Historical Condemnations of Baptismal Regeneration.

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