Pagan Roots of Baptismal Regeneration

canada_38_bg_061904The worship of elements of God’s creation—humans, animals, trees, water, etc.—is the religion of all who reject God.

One of the most popular ways such idolatry has subtly infiltrated the church is through the doctrine of baptismal regeneration, which  says that water baptism saves.


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“The Few”

(special thanks to illbehonest)

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Charts: The Shack versus the Bible: Part 1

An excellent, brief overview of some of The Shack‘s heresies, by Dale Brown.  (Note: While we believe Brown means well, in light of Danger #6 below, we do not endorse this video’s drawing of Jesus.)

The Shack has taken the American Church by storm.

(Other posts in this series: Part 2) (see also Answering Defenses of The Shack, and The Shack Author Denies the Gospel)

This enormously popular—and dangerous—book by William P. Young has swept through all denominations, leaving in its wake a multitude of disciples.  It has seduced professing Christians—even those whom you would least suspect—into embracing some of the most heretical doctrines ever.  Again and again, readers report that The Shack has profoundly changed their view of God.

And in time, The Shack may not only seduce readers, but moviegoers as well.  There has been talks of making The Shack a feature film.

In light of this tragedy, we have begun a series of posts with charts that contrast The Shack‘s dangerous teachings with the Bible.


Did Christ or Water Die for Sinners?

Not all the water in the world can cleanse us from our sins.  Only the blood of Christ can do this.

Not all the water in the world can cleanse us from our sins. Only the blood of Christ can do this.

Read the following conversation between the
16th-century martyr Robert Smith and the
Catholic Bishop Bonner, where Smith provides a
biblical and witty refutation of the false gospel of
baptismal regeneration.


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