Is the Federal Vision Heresy?


Many are honestly confused about the Federal Vision, and are looking for a quick, basic understanding of it.  As such, here we offer a crash course about this enormously influential movement.



A Refutation of the N.T. Wright, the New Perspective on Paul, and the Federal Vision View of Galatians

N. T. Wright is a dangerous wolf whose influence has infected the church with several false doctrines.   One especially influential view held by Wright, and those within a movement he is part of called the “New Perspective on Paul,”  is that the focus of Galatians is not about personal salvation, but Jewish identity markers.  

The following by Brian Schwertley is a refutation of this view. Here Schwertley is particularly addressing the Federal Vision (Auburn Avenue theology), a heresy with much in common with  N.T. Wright’s theology:


Historical Condemnations of Baptismal Regeneration

The church has had to contend with the doctrine of baptismal regeneration throughout most of its post-Apostolic history.  But God, in His providence, has raised up men throughout the ages to combat and condemn this dangerous doctrine, which is nowhere taught in the Bible.  We include some of those condemnations below.

If only pastors today would likewise boldly condemn baptismal regeneration, perhaps the church would be in better shape.